Community Life & Standards

Faith, Love and Hope

Rights and Responsibilities

Student membership at Canadian Chinese School of Theology Calgary is based upon primary rights and responsibilities intended to honour all and maintain the integrity of the community for learning. The Policies, Regulations and Community Standards convey the community’s ethos, aspirations and expectations required of all students. The rights and responsibilities exercised within the community must be compatible with these qualities and standards. Canadian Chinese School of Theology Calgary acknowledges that students are able to make responsible decisions regarding their own behaviour within the guidelines of the CCST Calgary community. The purpose of these standards is to provide an environment that supports personal and intellectual growth. The intent is to recognize the rights as a student and the rights of others within this academic community, while also identifying certain responsibilities of all students who choose to participate in this educational context. These responsibilities apply to all students who are engaged in school-sanctioned activities, as well as to off-campus conduct should the activity materially affect the safety, integrity and/or educational interests of the CCST Calgary community.

Spiritual Disciplines and Worship

CCST Calgary is committed to fostering spiritual growth among its community. One of the ways we seek to facilitate this goal is through our chapel program, which is designed to promote the holistic development of all community members through corporate worship, to build community and to raise awareness of the issues of living as a Christian in our world. Chapel is offered 2 times each month through the academic year. 

Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

It is official policy that members of the CCST Calgary community be able to enjoy an environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. No employee or student may be discriminated against in any manner that violate the Alberta Human Rights Code.

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