Doctor of Ministry (DMIN) Program

About DMIN

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is designed to enhance your spiritual, intellectual and professional abilities in Christian ministry.  You will learn how to combine academic research, spiritual formation and applied ministry strategies in this 3-year, in-ministry program. Join a collaborative, peer-to-peer learning environment. You will experience personal, professional and spiritual growth leading to a greater effectiveness in ministry. This Doctor of Ministry degree will help equip you to navigate the complexities of life and ministry in the 21st century church.

The program seeks to provide candidates with a collegial, academic and professional milieu in which you will advance your understanding of the nature, purposes, and practice of ministry; enhance your leadership and formational competencies in discernment, theological reflection, and in-ministry research; gain opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. 

Program Distinctives

  • Designed to be a relevant learning model for students with ministry background in China and the Chinese diaspora
  • Emphasizes ministry integration with contemporary biblical and theological verdicts
  • Promotes mutual encouragement for advanced study in a group environment
  • Facilitates peer review and evaluation as well as self-directed learning
  • Endorses qualitative research and action research as project research methodology
  • Flexible library access and online resources


Core Course (5 x 3 credits) = 15 Credits

  • Research Methods & Methodology
  • Theology & Ministry Integration
  • Old Testament & Ministry Integration
  • New Testament & Ministry Integration
  • Chinese Culture & Ministry Integration

Thesis-Project (3 x 3 credits) = 9 credits

  • Ministry Research Proposal
  • Ministry Research Project
  • Ministry Research Thesis

Elective Courses (any four as offered, 4 x 3 credits) = 12 credits

  • Organizational Development and Planning
  • Change of Conflict Management
  • Coaching, Equipping and Team-Building
  • Preaching and Leading
  • Leadership and Spiritual Formation
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • Leadership and Christian Education
  • Practical Hermeneutics and Preaching
  • Preaching Biblical Narratives
  • Relevant and Effect Preaching
  • Preaching and Teaching with Imagination
  • Expository Preaching Seminar