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Accommodation information

We do not provide housing to international students. The easiest way to look for a rental home is online search. These are common websites to search for available housing: ( ( 

The school is not connected in any way to these websites. They are common search tools for people seeking housing opportunities in Calgary. You should exercise normal caution when searching. Always view the property before you sign a lease or pay any deposit. If in doubt, contact us for advice. After you arrive in Calgary, you can also spot housing opportunities from the school bulletin board which is available for students and faculties to post information on housing rentals.

Support international students adjust and adapt to life in Canada

Racial Harmony Canada is globally known for being a welcoming and accepting country. People coming to live here, including international students, can easily feel at home. A friendly culture is at the heart of Canadians. To ensure such a harmonious environment is maintained, there are laws and systems to protect you from being treated badly or denied a benefit because of your race, the colour of your skin, your ancestry or your place of origin. There is also a channel for you to file a complaint with the Government if you believe you have been discriminated against. Racial discrimination can take many forms. 

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