Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies

Program details

Canadian Chinese School of Theology offers a one-year program (ten courses) leading to a Graduate Diploma.  This Program is designed for adult learners seeking enrichment, personal growth and leadership development. 


  1. To complete the program in one year requires ten courses
  2. Students are normally expected to complete the graduate diploma within seven years of beginning the program

Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies

The Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies provides foundational biblical and theological competencies and offers students the flexibility to tailor their studies to meet specific learning and ministry goals. There are nine courses to be completed: four core and six elective courses.


 (10 courses x 3 credits) = 30 credits

Core Courses (4)

  • Biblical Interpretation: Interpreting and Applying Biblical Text
  • New Testament Theology and History
  • Old Testament Theology and History
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Electives (6)

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