Master of Theological Studies (MTS) Program

About MTS

The Master of Theological Studies (60 credits) program is designed to train Christian lay leaders. Through participation in churches, reflection on the Chinese culture, spiritual formation, leadership training, Christian education development and marketplace experience, students will be trained as relevant Christian workers in this generation. A MTS program may take two years to complete.


  1. To complete the program in two years requires ten courses per year.
  2. Students are normally expected to complete the MTS within seven years of beginning the program.

Master of Theological Studies (MTS) Program

The two-year (20 course) Master of Theological Studies Chinese Language is a foundational program in graduate theological studies. It is to develop theological understanding for general educational purposes and enrichment, or for further graduate study. Students in the program will enhance their lay ministry involvement at local churches.


(20 course x 3 credits) = 60 credits

First Year 第一年

  • Biblical Interpretation: Interpreting and Applying Biblical Text 聖經詮釋及應用
  • Systematic Theology I 系統神學  I
  • Introduction to Christian Education 基督教教育導論
  • History of Christianity I 基督教歷史  I
  • Old Testament Theology and History 舊約神學及歷史
  • New Testament Theology and History新約神學及歷史
  • New Testament Book Study新约书卷研读
  • Elective 選修科 
  • Elective 選修科
  • Elective 選修科

Second Year 第二年

  • Old Testament Book Study 旧约书卷研读
  • Christianity and Chinese Culture基督教與中國文化
  • Systematic Theology II 系統神學  II
  • Christian in the Market Place 基督徒職場事奉
  • Spiritual Formation 靈命塑造
  • History of Christianity II 基督教歷史  II
  • Chinese Church Leadership華人教會領導學
  • Elective 選修科
  • Elective選修科
  • Elective選修科
  1. References

Two references using the forms provided by CCST Calgary. The reference forms should be completed by and emailed/mailed directly to the Admissions Office from:

  • A pastor from home church or organization who can assess the applicant’s personal qualities and suitability for seminary studies.
  • An academic reference from a professor who is familiar with the applicant’s academic performance and can assess the applicant’s suitability for graduate studies. The academic references may be replaced with a reference from someone such as a recent employer.
  1. Supplemental Materials
  • A written testimony regarding the applicant’s personal faith and ministry calling
  • An interview with 2 faculty members of CCST Calgary

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