Student Services


Each academic semester begins with a time of orientation for new students organized by the Academic Dean. Orientation activities are provided for new students to acquaint them with the people, policies and procedures of the Seminary. The organized activities include opportunities to meet the Principal and the faculty, to interact with student leaders, to gather key information concerning on-campus services and to build community. Orientation for all students continues in various ways at the start of the fall and winter semesters with a desire to see each student become an integral part of the CCST Calgary community and to experience a memorable year.

Health Policies

All international students must be covered health insurance plan. It is important that international students enroll in the Alberta Health Insurance Plan as soon as they arrive in Canada.

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Student Retreats

The chaplain will organize retreat/silent retreat from time to time. The purpose of retreat is to provide an opportunity for students to intentionally get away from their daily routines and spend time with God, meditating on His word and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Faculty and Student Retreat

Dean of Students and student council are responsible to organise the Faculty and Student retreat in the beginning of Fall semester.

Writing Workshop

Each semester, CCST Calgary offer workshop designed to help students learn better, write better and study better. Workshop will be conducted by Academic Dean/faculty. Topics include the various stages of essay writing, citation and documentation.

Counselling, Academic and Spiritual Direction Services

Counselling: Students who require counselling are expected to contact the chaplain. In cases where further help is required, the chaplain will recommend referral to other faculty members or external professionals.

Counselling is based on safety and trust. What is shared is confidential and will not be disclosed unless:

1. Someone is in danger of being seriously harmed;
2. The law explicitly states that the confidentiality provisions do not apply; or
3. The student signs a waiver allowing or requesting information to be transmitted to another person(s).

Student complaint and dispute resolution process

Normally, students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the complaint by meeting with the individual most directly involved in the complaint. If it is not possible to address the complaint in this manner, or if the informal discussion does not resolve the matter, the student should discuss the complaint with the Principal or Academic Dean.
Academic: Academic advising is available to students at any stage of their academic program. Students can approach Academic Dean with questions related to their program of choice, advice on scheduling their courses in proper sequence, guidance on how to balance their workload, or suggestions on how to implement an academic plan.
Spiritual Direction: The Dean of students (MTS, MDiv, ThM and DMin) meets with students 3 times within the each academic year (one hour each time, on zoom or in person). Students who require spiritual direction service are expected to contact the Dean of students directly.

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